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Are you looking for a plumber that is trustworthy, reliable, and professional?

We have extensive experience in all plumbing services and specialize in fault finding and repairing existing central heating systems and boilers, along with all aspects of general plumbing jobs like power flushing.

Our gas & heating engineers are dedicated to providing the highest boiler installation standards conveniently in inspecting and repairing the gas leak and any other related issue.

Our customer reviews testify to the high-quality emergency plumber services that we have been offering.

If you want to consult or inquire about any of our services, do not hesitate. We are always ready to listen to you and offer an immediate response to any inquiry.

Plumbers Boroughbridge


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Our Plumbing Services Boroughbridge

We offer a wide range of plumbing repair and central heating installations ranging from general plumbing, water supply layout determination to renewables and bathroom plumbing.

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New Boiler Quotes Boroughbridge

Boiler Service

You are supposed to service your boiler annually. We check the combustion levels, seals, overall performance/efficiency, and general wellbeing of your boiler. However, you may fail to detect some of the issues your boiler might have developed - such as failed expansion vessel. Let us check and inspect your boiler to discover these critical issues and help you fix them.

We keep records of services we offer to our customers. For example, we will email you a service certificate or fill in the back of the manufacturer's instructions book to be used when buying or selling a home.

We as well supply and fit your new boiler. Moreover, we offer relevant advice to our customers on matters of heaters control and system filters. Finally, with our diverse experience, we shall guide you on whether to keep your heater control or upgrade to the modern ones.

Boiler Repairs Boroughbridge

We are experienced and knowledgeable in all makes and models of domestic heating boilers and heating systems. We can therefore be a reliable solution to your boiler repair issues. In addition, the generic van stock tools on our engineers' vans ensure a fast and instant fix time.

We will inspect your old boiler defects, outline the facts and recommend the best option based on the collected facts. Then, it'll be upon you to make an informed choice on whether to keep the old boiler or purchase a new one. If you decide to buy a new boiler, we can finance you if you don't have sufficient funds.

We try our best to deliver the repair service on time, usually less than two hours.


We do condition reports and gas safety checks to enhance your safety and your tenants' as well.

Works that are in the house would include, but not be limited to:

  • PAT testing of rented properties
  • Smart heating controls installation
  • Immersion heaters replacement and controls replacement or installation
  • Electric boilers
  • Electric showers


We install, repair, and even supply new hobs/cookers. Unfortunately, repairing the standard four-burner hobs is uneconomical. However, a new hob can be provided at your request and fitted at affordable prices. With hobs that are 5 or 6 burners in size unless they are old, the repair is usually viable.

Note that cookers are supposed to be investigated regularly.

Other Gas Appliances

Gas Fires

We at Transgas Services repair and service gas fires and have. We also install new ones, whether a radiant fire, coal/log effect fire, basket fire, or flueless gas fire.

Warm air units

Warm air units require trained and experienced plumbing technicians to service or do the repair as they are specialized. We offer warm air unit service and repair. If the condition of the unit has deteriorated, we can recommend it to be replaced by a wet heating system (radiators).

Gas Leaks

We are highly experienced in dealing with gas and gas leaks. If you suspect you have a gas leak at your home, don't hesitate, contact us immediatelyand our plumbers will visit you promptly. The plumber will inspect your gas system to establish if there is any leak. We will ensure that the gas system is safe with no potential threat of leak for your safety and loved ones.

Connection/disconnection works

We will be glad to assist you in connecting or disconnecting gas appliances. For example, do you need to replace your kitchen and need a gas hob fitting but don't have pipes in place, or do you need to replace your old hob with a new electric induction hob? Whatever the case, we got you covered.

We can also help when you need to remove your old fire or move your gas meter.

We partner with gas distribution agencies and arrange to visit you on a typical day to help you address all your gas problems.

Power Flushing Boroughbridge

Our team is also experienced in power sludge issues, one of the significant challenges facing heating systems. It may be caused by either poor system design, poor installations, and a lack of inhibitors to help protect the system.

With the aid of a flushing machine, we can successfully flush the sludge using chemicals then inhibit the heating system from preventing further sludge occurrence.

General Plumbing Problems Boroughbridge


We work on all toilets, be it closed coupled cistern toilet, back to wall cistern or high-level cistern toilet. We can do a great job repairing toilets with flushing issues, constantly overflowing, or any other related matter. We have extensive experience in repairing, replacing and servicing all types of toilet systems.

We have ready toilet siphons, ball valves, washers, and many more items in the van that our engineers come with. We, therefore, guarantee fast and quality services to you, as our customer.

Shower Installations Boroughbridge

We address and deal in all types of showers, whether electric showers, power showers, low/high-pressure showers, exposed/concealed showers, digitally controlled showers, thermostatic/non-thermostatic showers, or mixer showers.

Electric showers can be repaired when issues arise. However, depending on its repairing requirements, it can be uneconomical to fix the shower. In such cases, we recommend our customers to purchase a new one, which can be sourced from our company.

Digitally controlled showers can be controlled from the processing unit or your smartphone. Our plumbers are trained to install and repair the digitally controlled shower, so consider hiring us to help you if you need a plumber. We never disappoint.

Hemostatic/non-thermostatic showers are simple showers. You can regulate the temperature via the taps-on-off valve or the thermostatic cartridge lever. We can repair the shower if the thermostatic cartridge fails and water is constantly dripping.

Thermal Stores

Thermal stores work in a different way to conventional cylinders in that the water that goes through the coil is the water that comes out of your taps. However, they are similar to unvented cylinders in that they work on mains pressure but are not governed by the requirement of a G3 qualification.

If you experience any problem with your thermal store, consult with our plumbers. We will visit you, inspect the cylinder and recommend the best restoration method.

Mains Water Boosting

Worry no more if you've been experiencing low water pressures; we have several options of solutions for you. Call us, and our team will arrive within the shortest time possible to solve the pressure problem so that you can continue with your daily household tasks uninterrupted.

Other General Plumbing Boroughbridge

We also offer plumbing services in many other aspects, including;

  • Tap/faucet installations
  • Washing machines/dishwashers
  • Plumbing of fridge freezers that have a water feed
  • Replacement of kitchen/utility sinks
  • Replacement of tanks in the lofts
  • Leaks and repairs
  • Burst pipes fixing
  • Soil pipe alterations
  • Waste pipe alterations


We can be your reliable plumber when it comes to bathroom suite installation. We design new suites, supply and fit them to your home when contracted. We can also make modifications to your bathroom basing on your taste and preference.

Our Plumbing Services Boroughbridge


  • I have used Plumb Guardian twice, each time the service has been prompt. They told me what needed to be done, gave me options and got to work! No mess and no fuss.


    Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness Engineer was punctual, part was fitted quickly & very helpful with advise for future work needed.

    Sandra Ross

    Polite, clean and helpful engineer who took the time to explain the fault with my boiler. I have made an appointment for them to come back to fix a dripping tap in my bathroom.


  • I was happy with Plumb Guardian quality of work,time keeping when fitting my new boiler. He removed all waste materials and kept the disturbance to my family at a minimum..


    Got working straight away at pace. Friendly and insisted on cleaning up after the work was completed.

    Sandra Ross

    Thank you very much for the Plumb Guardian . They were amazing with their business approach. Only l ended up paying more because l thought it was a roofer's job.I will definitely come back


Main Plumbing Areas We Address

Main Plumbing Areas We Address

Leak Detection and Repair

Several reasons cause leaks to occur. They range from fixture corrosion and high water pressure to broken pipes or damaged seals. In addition, leaks can go unnoticed for a long time, resulting in increased bills.

Almost all plumbing services offer leak detection and plumbing repair services. However, it takes only an experienced and highly trained plumber to detect minor leaks and fix them before they worsen. You can therefore trust us to help you.

Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged and blocked drains and toilets are homeowners' worst nightmare. The thought of a bathroom that fails to flush or an overflowing sink is an inconvenience to users.

Lack of consistency in cleaning the drains can cause a buildup of debris, consequently damaging the pipes and can even cause flooding and structural damage.

Reliable plumbing tasks services offer emergency unclogging and effective drain cleaning services to help keep water flowing smoothly.

Installation and Replacement jobs

We do installation and repair work for people buying new homes or a landlord upgrading fixtures in his home system.

It's essential to hire experienced, licensed plumbers for all your installation and replacement tasks to ensure quality work for safety and protection against damage to your new fixtures. We will be glad to serve you if you hire us.

Inspection and Maintenance

Our plumbers assist homeowners with the annual inspection programs for their properties. Regular inspections of the pipes can save you from expensive plumbing emergencies. The plumbers are skilled in detecting leaks and damaged drain pipes and making expert recommendations to make your plumbing needs run smoothly.

Our professional fixtures maintenance can help increase the life of your pipes and prevent untimely damage or corrosion to your system.

Plumbers Near Me in Boroughbridge

Plumbers Near Me in Boroughbridge

Are you looking for a plumber to help with refurbishment, boiler servicing, bathroom installations work, or perhaps looking for an emergency plumber to help with hot water and heating plumbing jobs? Finding a qualified and insured plumber for your plumbing repair work is crucial. Search no more because we are here to address every issue.

We are a team of efficient and reliable expert plumbers in the UK. We can be your trusted company because we are dedicated to serving our customers to the highest levels of integrity, experience, and covid 19 safety protocols adherence. Besides, you need not worry about accidents as our plumbers carry public liability insurance cover.

How Much Does it Cost To Fix Pipes?

How Much Does it Cost To Fix Pipes?

Fixing new or old pipes is no DIY project because the work is much technical and requires expertise. Instead, hire our plumbers to remove the old pipe and install a new one. Before hiring a contractor, it is good to estimate your possible price based on common cost determinants and know what to expect in the installation process.

The cost for fixing pipes varies from one location to another, depending on several factors.

Size of The House

Expect to pay more if your home has higher square footage. A larger home means more bathrooms hence more tubs, toilets, and sinks. An increase in the number of fixtures increases the fixation cost. Removing old pipes if repiping a larger house also increases the labour cost.

Type of Pipe

There are three types of materials you can choose for your piping work. PEX and CPVC provide affordable alternatives for piping. Copper can also be used, but it's expensive than both PEX and CPVC as it is more durable. We shall guide you in making decisions on the most appropriate materials.

Number of Fixtures That Need Piping

Prices for pipe installations are determined by the fixture – tub, sink, or toilet. So the exact cost depends on whether we will be only doing rough-in work or not.

Pipe location

It is cheaper to replace or install exposed pipes in a basement or crawlspace than Pipes that run inside walls or ceilings. Therefore, hire us to replace such pipes for you to avoid tampering with the wall structure, which may arise when handled without care.


Hard water may clog or corrode pipes when not acted upon over time. In such a case, we will install a water softening device in your plumbing system to remove the minerals enhancing your pipe's durability.

Wall repair

We may require you to open up or even move your wall/ceiling to fix pipes. The wall needs repair after the pipe installations are over. Worry not, as we will handle all this at an affordable cost.



Our plumbing repair services are quality, affordable, and timely. We've dedicated our efforts to serve our clients with high levels of integrity and efficiency. Our customers' needs are our top priority. Give us a call to get a customized quote depending on your needs.

Plumbers Boroughbridge FAQs

What are the most common plumbing problems?

We have seen many different plumbing problems. Some of the most common are

  • Leaking pipes,
  • Running toilets,
  • Water not heating up,
  • Low pressure and clogged drains.

If you are experiencing these problems then make sure that you call us now! We will fix the problem right away. Our plumbers and engineers know how to deal with any problem that arises so feel free to call us at any time because we will always be there for you when you need us.

How do I check a Plumber credentials?

You should look for plumbers who have a certificate of qualification to NVQ Level 2 level in plumbing. It is also worth looking out for Water Safe certified plumbers, who will hold an ID badge.

How much does a Plumber cost?

Each service has a different price. For an estimate, call us now. We will be happy to give you a quote based on your requirements.

What is the right time o call your emergency services?

We offer 24/7 service at Plumbguardian. So feel free to call us any time, day or night. We will always be there and we will help you with any of your questions.

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