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Boiler Repairs

Your boiler might malfunction unexpectedly, leaving you unsatisfied and frustrated. At PlumbGuardian, we are well equipped and at your disposal, if you want your boiler reinforced to normal working conditions.

After decades of exceeding our client's expectations, we have built a solid reputation across North East. Our qualified engineers will immediately come up with practical solutions regardless of the state of your boiler. Despite the time your boiler needs a repair, you can rely on us.

Boiler Repairs


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How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Boiler?

When your boiler is functioning well, you hardly notice the price to pay for repairs. However, you will have to think about the cost to incur for repairs if it fails momentarily. Consistent boiler service maintains it to work for years preventing unnecessary future emergency boiler repair or replacement.

Sudden failure of the central heating system requires immediate boiler repairs. We provide good service for your boiler to resume normal daily household routines.

The average cost of boiler repairs range according to several factors:

Boiler's Model, Type, and Age

Boiler repair costs vary as some model types will incur high costs, whereas others notably lower prices for the same problem. The age of your boiler impacts the cost differently. If the boiler is old, replacement is way better than the boiler repair service.

You may have fewer repair costs of an old boiler, but frequent repairs make the price costly anyway. New boiler installation will reduce fuel consumption. You will also incur less annual boiler service costs. A new boiler relieves the hole in pockets caused as a result of the old boiler servicing.

The latest boiler models are energy efficient but quite the opposite when the need for repair and maintenance arrives. However, recently purchased modern boilers function correctly, so they require minor repairs.

Time of Repair or Replacement

Relating demand and supply, the price for boiler repairs hike in the winter season. The engineers will be in high demand for their plumbing services. So the best time you could have your boiler repaired is during summer.

Always have your boiler fixed and maintained before the cold season. Prices appear to be higher when the winter season arrives. If you fail to meet early maintenance service, you will incur higher costs during winter than in summer.

Client's Location

If you are amongst customers staying in upper-class localities, be ready to pay some premium to keep your boiler serviced. Staying in remote areas doesn't guarantee the price to be lower like that of a middle class. You will have to pay the costs contemplating the distance to reach you.

The engineers will always charge extra for boiler replacement because they have to labour to get the boilers to their customers. It would be better if you are located near so that the call-out price is less.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Boiler?


  • I have used Plumb Guardian twice, each time the service has been prompt. They told me what needed to be done, gave me options and got to work! No mess and no fuss.


    Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness Engineer was punctual, part was fitted quickly & very helpful with advise for future work needed.

    Sandra Ross

    Polite, clean and helpful engineer who took the time to explain the fault with my boiler. I have made an appointment for them to come back to fix a dripping tap in my bathroom.


  • I was happy with Plumb Guardian quality of work,time keeping when fitting my new boiler. He removed all waste materials and kept the disturbance to my family at a minimum..


    Got working straight away at pace. Friendly and insisted on cleaning up after the work was completed.

    Sandra Ross

    Thank you very much for the Plumb Guardian . They were amazing with their business approach. Only l ended up paying more because l thought it was a roofer's job.I will definitely come back


Who To Call When Your Boiler Breaks?

Who To Call When Your Boiler Breaks?

If your boiler breaks, call us immediately, and we will dispatch an engineer. Initial repair of a boiler requires qualified heating engineers, no matter how simple the problem is. Do not try repairing it by yourself unless you have the warranty or insurance policy.

For instance, if your gas appliances fail, it is highly recommended to contact your safe gas engineers. Ensure not to fall victim to an uncertified plumber. Ask for their licence and ensure it is registered in England. Pay closer attention to their photography and the date of expiry.

After contacting your engineer, tell the model of the boiler and why it stopped operating. Address all the common slight boiler problems. If the situation is assessed to be dangerous, leave until the engineer arrives.

What Are the Common Boiler Faults?

What Are the Common Boiler Faults?

Noticing boiler breakdowns is simple, especially for the modern ones. Recent boilers display issues arising in error codes and lets you know where the fault is. Below are some of the common boiler faults:


Your boiler will have leaks if the internal components are defective. For instance, pressure valves and pump seals might be malfunctioning. If the leakage comes from the valve, then your central heating system pressure was too high. When the pump seal is the leak source, then the seal is dilapidated.

If your central heating system pipes have leakages, it could be due to corrosion or issues arising during system installation. Consult heating engineers at our PlumbGuardian plant for repair and avoid future breakdowns. If the repair options cannot fix the boiler's state, we recommend installing a new system.

Less to No Heating or Hot Water

It is quite disappointing when your heating system fails to do what it was meant to. The problem can vary depending on faults in pressure valves, broken thermostats, a heat exchanger, airlocks, and diaphragms.

If the pressure gauge value is less than 1, the problem is low pressure, so you need to step up the pressure. Check your device manufacturer's guide if the faults come from the thermostat and address an expert engineer for help.

We recommend you always contact us for technical support if you cannot find and fix the problem.

Low Boiler Pressure

You always have to step up your built-in pressure up to 1.5 bar. Your boiler will malfunction if the pressure bar is below 1. If your system is leaking, cold patches on radiators, or pump seal failure, it will result in low pressure in the boiler. If you identify a problem, contact plumbing engineers to get your boiler back up and running.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

During extreme cold seasons, your system condensate pipe might freeze, causing blockages in your drain. The problem is common in areas where the condensate pipe is fitted in an external unheated environment. If compression occurs inside the pipe, the condition worsens. If this happens, you will require immediate plumbing service from gas certified engineers.

Radiator Faults

Suppose your radiators have cold patches, usually because they are not getting hot at the bottom and resulting in build-up debris. The debris causes unequal central heating distribution in the system. To avoid unnecessary future repairs, hire heating engineers to bleed the radiators. However, if the radiators aren't getting hot, then balancing the valves will allow the free flow of hot water through the radiators.

Gurgling Noises Coming from Your Boiler

It's usual for your boiler to make noise when firing up; however, if there are sudden unfamiliar gurgles, feel free to reach us. The unfamiliar noises can be a sign of a faulty pump or low pressure due to build-up limescale. Contact us, and our plumbing crew will do a great job to fix your boiler.

Pilot Light Switching Off

If your boiler's pilot light keeps turning off, the thermocouple could be defective, cutting off the gas supply. Also, there could be a build-up deposit that is turning off the lights. Contacting a gas safe registered engineer will help you fix the problem.

When Do You Get Boiler Repair?

When Do You Get Boiler Repair?

How frequent should you service your boiler? You should always conduct boiler service annually after installation. By doing this, you can meet the terms and conditions of your warranty.

Consistent maintenance reduces the risk of boiler breakdown. It lengthens the lifespan of your boiler and minimizes the need for boiler repairs.

Below are some of the reasons you should stop using your boiler and inspect it:

  • Suppose you see a yellow flame
  • If there are foul odours when the boiler is operating
  • If you notice general wear and tear
  • When there is leaking from the unit
  • When your radiators take longer to heat up
  • If the boiler gurgling noises are unfamiliar
  • When your pilot light is out
Is it Worth Servicing a Boiler?

Is it Worth Servicing a Boiler?

Why should you get your boiler serviced? Most people overlook boiler servicing. However, it is the key to solving minor issues with less labour. But most ignore it until it worsens, requiring much attention. Here are several primary reasons why you should keep up with your boiler inspections:

Keeping You and Your Family Safe

Having your annual boiler service enables it to run safely and effectively. A malfunctioning boiler can be extremely dangerous if not consistently inspected. Improper boiler handling might result in poisoning due to the removal of harmful carbon monoxide gases.

Since this toxic gas is odourless and colourless, you won't even notice you are being poisoned. Regular service to your boiler ensures the complete combustion of fuels efficiently. With this, it minimizes the possibility of carbon monoxide release.

You need to contact a gas safe registered engineer to regularly inspect for leakages, types of flames and heating of the radiators. If your plumber fixes them, not only will you reduce the expenses of repairing your heating system but also guarantee family safety.

If You're a Landlord, It's a Legal Obligation.

If you are the property owner, it is compulsory to hire licenced gas safe engineers. They have to check on your gas appliances annually to ensure tenants safety. The plumber should cover other services apart from gas-related checks.

If you are a landlord, it is advised to ensure your tenants meet high safety checks of gas appliances owned by them.

Pick up on Minor Issues Before They Escalate.

If you have minor issues you overlook, you need to give them attention before they become out of control. By ensuring your boiler system is working effectively, you can reduce the costs incurred for repair.

You can consult us to fix your minor problems at an affordable fixed price to avoid experiencing future extreme repair costs. Suppose you fail to consider inspecting minor issues; you might end up replacing the whole system because it is beyond repair.

You Could Save Enough on Your Energy Bills.

You need to maintain your appliance through regular check-ups. With regards to household appliances, your boiler requires much attention as it is costly to replace. So make sure to service it annually, and you will spend less when there are breakdowns.

How Do I Get My Boiler Fixed?

How Do I Get My Boiler Fixed?

Do you need a boiler repair? At PlumbGuardian, we believe in the honest pricing of our services. We are also putting you in charge of your costs.

If your boiler breaks, contact us, and we'll send a service engineer to your home. Select PlumbGuardian in Noth East for your boiler repairs. You will enjoy our excellent fixed price repairs.

Our price quotes give you peace of mind knowing the actual costs. We also provide ongoing cover costs for future repairs.

We are gas safe registered to provide service for both our domestic and commercial call-outs. We have an excellent care plan service for all. Contact Us Now.

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Who do you call when your boiler breaks?

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