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If you are used to a warm shower, an unexpected cold shower could easily spoil your day- that is why repair to a leaking or a broken shower in the house is a matter of urgency.  A faulty shower requires repairs before the matter escalates.

If your shower is not letting out water in the expected volumes, is making noise such as rattling, or the drainage pipes are clogged, then you need a skilled professional to fix the issues.

You may require expertise, skill, and adherence to simple shower repair instructions to effectively repair your shower unit.

We will demonstrate to you how to conduct shower repairs for common types of showers which include: replacing the showerhead, fixing showers that run hot and cold water, fixing clogged shower drains, and more.

We will also highlight how to tell when you may require plumbing services for your issues.

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What causes shower blockages?

Common minor shower blockages mostly occur because of soap, dirt, or hair build-up. Major blockages in your shower drainage, however, happen due to u-bends and clogged pipes.

A standard mixer shower is the simplest type of shower. It works by combining both hot and cold water, so the temperatures are just warm enough. These simple showers, however, make it hard to control the actual water temperature.

Mixer showers are not as efficient as electric showers. They are dependent on a supply of hot water. The good news, however, is that our skilled professionals can fix these issues and ensure your mixer shower works effectively.

What causes shower blockages?


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Common types of shower repairs

Common types of shower repairs

Shower installations require a combination of hot and cold water delivery. They mostly involve gas and electricity at the root of the water supply. Therefore, you need a skilled professional to tackle any fault, if things go wrong. Common types of shower repairs  that we most frequently handle include:

  • Blocked shower drains
  • Temperature problems
  • Leaking or dripping showers

Our commitment to provide relief to customers with shower problems and to offer satisfaction is our driving force. Since we handle everything to do with shower repair, we can diagnose and fix the problems that lie behind any faulty shower. We carry a large selection of shower spares with us. This means we’re the ideal choice to fix your shower on the same day we visit. If we don’t have the spare part at hand, we quickly order it, thanks to a network of local suppliers that provide an efficient supply of shower spares.

Why is it important to repair a faulty shower?

Why is it important to repair a faulty shower?

Most times, shower problems begin at a minor level then escalate. They can be more of an inconvenience than a disaster. You need to call us immediately because if you assume these issues, they can rapidly become more serious. We’re professionals and can perform any preventative maintenance or fix minor niggles. Additionally, we’re ready to act quickly in case of an emergency such as a burst pipe or a flood.

Here are some of the showers we repair:

  • Thermostatic
  • Power shower
  • Electric
  • Mixer
Thermostatic shower

Thermostatic showers are popular because you can set and maintain a constant water temperature. Common problems that we can fix include fluctuating water temperatures and leaks. They have electrical and mechanical parts that need attention, such as valves and thermostats to check the temperature. Before going on to repair the fault, our skilled technicians will start by diagnosing the problem.

Power shower

Although power showers are similar to electric showers they run with a pump instead of a heater. The pump delivers higher water pressure. Incidentally, if you have inconsistent pressure these showers are a good option. Most of the faults we repair are related to pumps and down to mechanical failure or trapped air. The good thing however is, we can repair all types of power showers, installing new parts if necessary!

Electric shower

Electric showers heat the water through a built-in water heater.  A common problem with electric showers is the build-up of lime scale. We also deal with electrical faults and leaks. We’re very experienced when it comes to electric shower repair, such as replacing failed components on many brands.

Mixer shower

Mixer showers combine hot and cold water. Its temperature is usually adjusted manually. We perform mixer shower repairs regularly, thus, we know every detail about them. Limescale build-up is one of the problems that are common with these showers. The problems caused by lime scale include leaking showerheads and/or shower bodies. Taps and controls can also be hard to turn on and off. The good news is that our team of professionals can fix these issues, and return your mixer shower to normal operation.

What are the common shower problems?

What are the common shower problems?


Hot and cold water

When a shower is letting hot and cold water intermittently, it could be that there is insufficient water flowing into the gasget. Bfore you call a plumber, check if the pipes leading to shower unit and the shower valve are completely open. If they are, then a plumber  may advise you replace it.

Discharge of very hot water

This happens mostly when  someone is taking a  shower.  When both the toilet and the bathroom are sharing the same source of water, sometimes there might be irregular water flow in the shower especially when someone uses the toilet; more water is directed to the toilet leaving only hot water to flow to the shower.

This will result in a discharge of very hot water in the shower. This is painful and risky too.This can only be fixed by a skilled technician.

You can replace the toilet with one that requires less water supply. This will ensure that there is ample water supply even when uses the toilet. Highly efficient toilets are also an option.They use less water hence water flow in the shower will not be disrupted.

Clogged Tub and Shower Drain

When particles of soap, hair, or dirt drop in the shower drain, they may lead to a clog . Accumulation starts gradually leading to a high build-up if not checked. However, you can simply remove the accumulated drain clog using your hands. Ensure you put on safety gloves first.

Alternatively, you may use chemical drain cleaners. Ensure you wear gloves to avoid injuring your hands. You can also use a plumbing snake if you have the skill to use it. Whatever means you use, the accumulated drain clog clog should be handled with caution.

If you are totally unable to remove the clog, call your plumber. A plumber will evaluate the situation and choose the best way out. Additionally, a professional plumber has the right tools and technical expertise to handle all plumbing problems you may have.

A long -term solution to dealing with drain clog is putting in place a cover drain. Acover drain ensures that foreign items do not enter the p-trap. This is a preventive measure that will save you the expenses of a plumber and the inconveniences of a clogged shower drain.

Inadequate pressure

The most common cause of insufficient pressure has to do with the shower faucet. This is a technical aspect that requires the indulgence of a skilled technician. Call a plumber to inspect the faucet. Normally, installation  of a faucet that allows for a high-flow will fix the problem.

Other times, inadequate can be due to clogging when dirt or silt  has accumulated in the pipes leading to the shower,it can cause a break in the water flow. Again, you need a professional plumber to do an inspection.

A faulty showerhead can also be the cause of low water pressure due to accumulation of dirt in the pipe's thread. To avoid this,ensure the pipe's are clear of any dirt when replacing the shower head.

Strange noises in the shower

When shower pipes are closely secured to the wall, they are likely going to make noise as high pressure water goes through. This needs a plumber to investigate and fix.

A leaking shower faucet

In case the shower faucet is leaking, it is likely that the seals or gaskets are faulty. You need to replace them with new ones. It could also be that the rings are weak. However, you need the advice and assistance of a plumber when checking around the faucet.Only an experienced technician has the knowledge of choosing parts that match your faucet. Therefore, if you do not have relevant experience, hire a skilled plumber to avoid causing more damage and incurring unnecessary expenses.

Rusty shower base

When bathroom levelling is not properly done,it may lead to a rusty shower due to the pool of water that collects after showering. This can simply be fixed by replacing the base of the shower by installing a shower liner without having to replace the old one.

Who should do shower unblocking & repairs?

Who should do shower unblocking & repairs?

Some of the problems you face with your shower such as clogging require simple DIY procedures.

However, most showers use electricity. Additionally, some bathroom hardware is complicated and expensive. These pose a risk of bodily injury and unexpected damage as a result of a lack of technical know-how. We highly recommend that you seek the help of a skilled professional whenever you have a shower problem.

Are you looking for the ultimate shower repair services?

Are you looking for the ultimate shower repair services?

We deliver a wide range of drain unblocking and repair services across the UK.  Whatever the cause of your blocked or broken shower, we’ll fix it with the best equipment for the job and you will have your shower in full working condition again in no time.

We value building bonds with our customers by providing an immediate response in times of need. When you call us for a plumbing emergency, it won’t take long for us to arrive at your premises and fix your broken shower or remove a shower drain blockage. Our customer service technicians will be quick and efficient, ensuring minimal disruption to your household or business.

Shower Repair FAQs

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How long do electric showers last?

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