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Do Limescale Inhibitors Work

Without a thorough search, you may end up with a fake limescale inhibitor, given the many imitations hitting the market today. Cheap limescale inhibitors lack the characteristics available on high-end models. Getting an inhibitor with a 50% or worse efficiency won't offer you the results you want. While you can do okay with a cheap […]
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hot water tap running

Pipes Knocking When Hot Water is Turned On

Banging noises from water pipes is a common phenomenon, particularly in outdated homes. The knocking noises can irritate you and other house occupants, especially when it's been going on for a while. It is time to consider repiping for you to get rid of this knocking noise for good. The problem might be simple for […]
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plumbing and pipework

Water Pipe Noise When Water is not Running

Your plumbing system is likely to experience plumbing problems sooner or later. There are some common plumbing issues all homeowners are likely to encounter in their homes, from leaking to blocked pipes. Now, what about the water pipes making noise with no running water? Have you experienced such a problem with your plumbing system before? […]
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copper plumbing pipework

Do You Have Water Noise in Pipes?

Domestic plumbing systems should always be silent when running. But at times, several factors may cause the piping system to produce noisy sounds, which is quite annoying. You don't necessarily have to contact a plumber in case of loud pipes since some of these plumbing problems are minor issues that you can fix yourself. Noisy […]
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