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What is a Central Heating System?

A central heating system is an installation done to warm the house, especially in cold climates. Most modern residential and commercial buildings have a central heating system in the interior.

There are different types of central heating systems. There are systems powered by electricity as well as natural gas. However, most of them are made up of a central boiler, and heated water circulates through pipes. Radiators and heat exchangers are deployed to distribute the heat in the rooms of the buildings.

Central Heating Services


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Professional Boiler Installation Services

PlumbGuardian is a trusted boiler installation company. We endeavour to provide high-quality tailor-made boilers for your home.

We have partnered with leading manufacturers in the UK to ensure we meet all your needs. Our team of engineers is thoroughly trained and skilled to ensure our installation lasts long.

When you call us, we will be prompt to work efficiently to minimize your heating systems downtime.

We understand the importance of a satisfied client. Our products have long-term warranties to ensure you are worry-free.

You can rest assured that our work is worry-proof. Our engineers are professionals and ensure they meet the highest standards when installing your boiler.

Our work does not stop at installation. We are available for other heating and plumbing services or boiler repairs that you may require.

Professional Boiler Installation Services


  • I have used Plumb Guardian twice, each time the service has been prompt. They told me what needed to be done, gave me options and got to work! No mess and no fuss.


    Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness Engineer was punctual, part was fitted quickly & very helpful with advise for future work needed.

    Sandra Ross

    Polite, clean and helpful engineer who took the time to explain the fault with my boiler. I have made an appointment for them to come back to fix a dripping tap in my bathroom.


  • I was happy with Plumb Guardian quality of work,time keeping when fitting my new boiler. He removed all waste materials and kept the disturbance to my family at a minimum..


    Got working straight away at pace. Friendly and insisted on cleaning up after the work was completed.

    Sandra Ross

    Thank you very much for the Plumb Guardian . They were amazing with their business approach. Only l ended up paying more because l thought it was a roofer's job.I will definitely come back


Boiler Replacement Services

Boiler Replacement Services

A boiler may break down due to various reasons; it could that it's old-probably 15 years in use, worn out, or unable to power your whole house. Any of these issues calls you to replace it with a new one. It may also be that you want a modern system to increase efficiency.

Our team of technicians is skilled at replacing the whole system in compliance with all legal and safety guidelines to ensure your peace of mind is not disturbed.

We value customers' satisfaction; we will provide you with a range of available high-tech models and advise on the best option. We ensure that every boiler installation service we provide upholds our commitment to satisfying our customers.

Underfloor Heating Services

Underfloor Heating Services

Although it is not always visible, underfloor heating maintenance is essential. It would help if you did not wait until the system breaks down.

Regular service is advisable. Our engineers will inspect and report any diagnosis issues that need repairs.

Our technicians are trained on underfloor heating systems and can install and maintain commercial and residential underfloor heating systems.

When you call us, we will diagnose and advise on the best option concerning your heating system, so you don't have to incur expenses installing a new one.

We can do a one-day service to minimize downtime inconveniences.

Professional Boiler maintenance

Professional Boiler maintenance


What is a boiler service?

Any given machine is bound to undergo wear and tear at some point in time. Old age may have an impact on its functionality. A boiler service ensures that your central heating system and the boiler are functioning efficiently and that all its components are intact.

A qualified engineer usually conducts the service. The engineer checks the condition and efficiency of your boiler following laid-down guidelines.

A boiler service is crucial as it gives you confidence that your central heating system is efficient and safe.

Who should service a boiler?

A boiler is a complicated system that plays a crucial part in your house. When not handled with care, it could result in many inconveniences. Irrespective of what type you have installed, it should only be serviced by a qualified engineer:

  • Electric boilers- Considering they have many digital interfaces, only a qualified electrical engineer can fix them.
  • Gas boilers-A gas boiler and any other gas appliances in the heating system should be serviced by qualified gas safe registered engineers.
  • Oil boilers- An OFTEC registered engineer is the only technician allowed to fix it.

When we visit your house to fix your boiler, our engineers will first inspect your boiler before giving the available options on how best to solve the matter.

When it comes to service, we have qualified engineers to handle all types of boiler heating engineers.

When should I have my boiler serviced?

A boiler should be serviced at least once a year. Servicing, however, does not limit you from calling a service engineer if you suspect that something is a miss. Most boiler covers require that you service your boiler annually to maintain its validity.

If you suspect a fault in the boiler, do not sit there and wait for your annual service. Call in a registered engineer immediately before the issue escalates or causes safety issues.

However, if everything is functioning just well, summer is always the most appropriate time of the year to service your boiler just before winter clicks in. We provide top-notch services during our annual boiler service.

Around this time, service engineers are less busy, so you will likely pay less for repairs. Additionally, you gain the confidence that your boiler is efficiently working before winter enters.

How Long Does a Gas Boiler Service Take?

A boiler service should typically take us 30-40 minutes. Upon conclusion, our engineer will brief you on what they have done and provide you with a written report for record purposes.

Power Flushing

Power Flushing

It would help if you did a power flush when you install a new boiler.

However, in case your heating system is noisy or heating up unusually slowly, or the radiators are leaking, then you might need a power flushing.

Our engineers will perform an inspection on the nature of corrosive elements in the heating system. The assessment will determine if it's necessary to do a power flush.

Power flush reduces chances of a breakdown and also ensures the radiator heats up optimally and very fast.

What are the Benefits of Servicing Central Heating Systems?

There are several benefits of serving your heating system:

Early detection of problems.

Regular servicing of your boiler will aid in identifying problems with your boiler before they become worse or cause more damage. This way, you can deal with them early and avoid unnecessary expenses.

It eliminates having to buy a new one.

Servicing lets you repair minor issues before they cause significant damages. Regular maintenance ensures everything is on the check and no chance of breakdown. You, therefore, won't spend any money buying a new one.

Low energy bills

When a boiler is serviced, technicians usually do all the necessary checks on its efficiency. Servicing means that the boiler won't cause an unnecessary increase in the energy bill since it runs at its optimum.

Safety Issues

A serviced boiler runs efficiently and is therefore safe. A faulty boiler could be harmful to the well-being of the family, e.g., due to the emission of carbon monoxide. When you carry out servicing, you allay these worries.

Assurance of the boiler cover

Servicing at the right time is prudent. It guarantees the boiler's warranty. If the boiler requires an annual service, it is only safe to service so that the cover remains valid. This way, you won't have to spend any money doing repairs from your pocket.

Why Should you Consider Professional Central Heating Services?

  • Long-lasting

Our professionals are trained and certified. They ensure that they inspect and correctly diagnose problems with your heating system. They will then provide the most appropriate solution that guarantees efficiency and safety.

Our engineers are familiar with most of the available models and types of heating systems. You can therefore trust us with all sorts of repairs.

  • Guarantees safety

Heating systems today operate within strict safety regulations—but they can become dangerous if someone attempts unskilled repairs or inspections on them. With professionals on the job, you won’t have to worry about any health hazards: their priority is keeping you safe.

  • Quality installation

Professionals have the know-how since they are trained. Therefore, you can rest assured that the service will last for a long time with professional heating services.

If unqualified engineers do repairs servicing, it might lead to problems in the future such as safety issues or even need to re-do the repairs.

  • Long-lasting heater.

Having to do a replacement for your boiler is a costly affair. Professional repairs will take your boiler to optimum performance. Our engineers are trained to ensure that your boiler is at its best. This way, it gives it a longer lifespan.

Regular maintenance and repairs ensure that damaged parts are identified and do not cause further problems to the heater.

PlumbGuardian Central Heating Services

PlumbGuardian Central Heating Services

Whether you want to install a central heating system or replace an old one, we will be proud to assist you with advice. We will provide all available options, both technical and financial-wise.

Our customer service delivery is guided by the principle of customer satisfaction and value for money and time.

We ensure we adhere to all installation guidelines for safety and also to guarantee efficiency. Contact us today for reliable central heating services, and we'll deliver!

Central Heating Services FAQs

How often should central heating be serviced?

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How much should a boiler service cost?

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Is a boiler service worth it?

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