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Bathroom Installation

How can you get the right person for the job? Bathroom installation is a proficient task that is routinely conducted by professional installers. If you want to hire a professional bathroom fitter to improve your bathroom design, PlumbGuardian will help you find one.

We have decades of reputation and expertise in bathroom installation service. Our gradual lead to selecting and hiring a competent bathroom fitter will ensure your bathroom installation goes without a drawback.

Suppose you want your bathroom renovated. Our installation expert team will transform your bathroom to your definite needs. You don't have to panic as your brand new bathroom will be ready for use as soon as possible.

Bathroom Installation


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How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Bathroom Fitted?

Bathroom installation costs range according to their conditions and location. Upgrading your bathroom suite is one of the most common renovations you have to make more than once on your property.

If you do the installation work by yourself, the initial cost will go down. However, new bathroom installation can be challenging for you to complete the entire process alone. That's why hiring our PlumbGuardian installation team is worth it.

Our costs range from low to medium, depending on the bathroom project. For instance, if you decide to install an electric shower, the average cost will considerably increase. However, if you are planning to replace your bathroom parts, it will be cost-effective.

Contact us for expert advice if you plan on installing, replacing, or renovating your old bathroom. We are glad to help you plan the existing bathroom budget accordingly.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Your Bathroom Fitted?


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    Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness Engineer was punctual, part was fitted quickly & very helpful with advise for future work needed.

    Sandra Ross

    Polite, clean and helpful engineer who took the time to explain the fault with my boiler. I have made an appointment for them to come back to fix a dripping tap in my bathroom.


  • I was happy with Plumb Guardian quality of work,time keeping when fitting my new boiler. He removed all waste materials and kept the disturbance to my family at a minimum..


    Got working straight away at pace. Friendly and insisted on cleaning up after the work was completed.

    Sandra Ross

    Thank you very much for the Plumb Guardian . They were amazing with their business approach. Only l ended up paying more because l thought it was a roofer's job.I will definitely come back


Factors Affecting The Overall New Bathroom Installation Costs.

Factors Affecting The Overall New Bathroom Installation Costs.

You need to have a quick understanding of how these fundamentals of bathroom installations cost. Here are several services you expect to pay for:

Electrical Work

Bathroom installations are becoming a crucial feature of any modern home. You might want to upgrade your current bathroom electrical parts. However, when installing electrical circuits where water and electricity are, bathrooms are considered a high-risk location.

Suppose you can afford it. You may want to turn your bathroom into a television room or your spa. However, ensure your electrical appliances are safely installed. You should contact our professional installers to carry out periodic electrical inspections at your property.

Bathroom Suite

PlumbGuardian has a variety of shower and bath sets to match your new bathroom suite. Suppose you want to upgrade your old bathroom suite. Our bathroom layout blueprints vary from traditional to current ones.

Our available collections are environment-friendly, including fittings, furniture, and add-ons at an affordable amount of money. You must get a professional installer who will bring a touch of sophistication to your dream bathroom.

Our everyday prices are standard, where the budget-friendly suites come affordably, but the affluence ones are remarkably higher.

Wall Tiling

Do you want to know the cost of tilling your room? Well, having a look at your bathroom wall tiling can be a challenging task but can add value to your home. The cost of tiling your bathroom ranges as per the types of tiles you choose, the tiles supplier, and the installer you hire to get the job done.

You will have to make firm decisions also by bearing in mind the cost of the labour. Since tiling is a complex task, you would want to hire the best tiler you can get and afford for your family bathroom.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is the best option if you wish to have an average budget on a smooth, beautiful bathroom floor. The cost of vinyl flooring depends on the bathroom size, bathroom floor condition, and the professional finish you need.

Vinyl flooring is not only cost-effective, but it is resistant to water. This makes it an epitome for new bathroom installation. Part of bathroom installers excludes vinyl flooring on their estimates to reduce the price but add it as a supplement. Remember to make sure the price is incorporated when you are replacing your floor.


Plumbing service for a bathroom includes working on the pipes to the outside water outlets and drains. Bathroom plumbing is more than installing and replacing the showers and floors. Therefore, you might require an expert in the plumbing field for your bathroom.

You may not want to cut back on plumbing costs. To get the best quality, you must incur all the plumbing expenses, including materials, fixtures, and labour.

Old Bathroom Renovation

Peculiar about how to get your bathroom renovated? Have a look at the PlumbGuardian guide to work out the most distinctive way to handle your bathroom. The cost of having a new bathroom installed relies on the type of materials you have.

What You Need to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom.

What You Need to Consider Before Remodeling Your Bathroom.

You can remodel your bathroom only if you have the necessary expertise. Renovating projects that need plumbing, tiling, or electrical work might be best left for an expert. Below are several things you should carefully consider to avoid unnecessary mistakes before your bathroom renovation:


You should know the ideal amount of money to spend on your bathroom renovations before beginning your project. However, the cost varies according to the number of features you're restoring and the person getting the job done. Well, a specified budget helps you know what to incorporate or not in your remodel.


Renovating your bathroom can be challenging as you need to approach many things in a specific manner. For instance, you can start by replacing your ceiling, followed by tiling your wall, and finally installing your floor. By doing this step by step, you will be protecting the fittings you completed earlier.


Most believe that renovating a smaller bathroom takes less time compared to larger bathrooms. However, that's not always the case. Suppose you have more features to tackle the job will require more time.

You should prepare for the unexpected because your timeline assumes the task is done as planned. Suppose your contractor doesn't show up on time or gets ill, and the materials are not readily available. If you don't give orders, then the job progress will be slow.

Bathroom Issues

Before going through your bathroom remodelling project, it's recommended to have an implemented plan that might minimize problems arising as your progress. Your bathroom renovation project might flop if the project manager does not decide how to approach the pitfalls that arise.

Below are several things to consider when you want to remodel your bathroom:

  • Hire the best contractor for the job.
  • Procure the necessary materials for your bathroom remodel.
  • Decide what payment options to use.
  • Consider your budget essentials.


Repairing and remodelling fixtures are the main events for a renovation project. When renovating, you can easily change your bathroom features. With these fixtures, you can completely change your bathroom's overall appearance.

Below are several changes you can make:

  • Shower Sills: You should select very taut and rigid material when building your sills. Such materials include quartz and granite.
  • Drawer Storage: Suppose you want to keep your toiletries and install a drawer in the vanity unit. With a drawer, you can access what's inside as they accommodate as many constituents as possible.
  • Lighting: Install your light fixtures below the ceiling to provide the best lighting. Put some lights near the bathroom sink for a better view when you are applying makeup or shaving.
  • Wall-Hung Toilet: This fixture saves on your room space as the toilet tank is hung behind the wall.

Functionality And Style

It might be a small room in your house, but the influence of bathroom style makes it colossal. You would want to make your bathroom adapt to your needs by considering the functionality and style. Choose the best specific features that coincide with your bathroom blueprints to serve you for years to come.


It is crucial to ventilate your bathroom as it is the wettest room in the entire house. Flushing your toilet, using a steam shower, and periodical drips from the sinks lead to nasty conditions. You wouldn't want to stay in a home with an unpleasant smell, mould and mildew, wallpaper that scratches easily, and peeling paints.


Are you unsure about your labour cost? PlumbGuardian is here to help you break down bathroom remodelling labour costs for you. Averagely the cost varies depending on the contractor that gets the job done and the number of labourers you hire.

We provide necessary budget tips on how to remodel your bathroom. Our technicians will provide you with quotes to enable you to determine the exact labour cost to incur. We'll assess your priorities and approach them rationally by compiling all the paperwork to help you keep track of your labour costs.


When hiring your contractor, there are several steps you need to go through to enable you to get the job done:

  • Ask for referrals from surrounding homes if they had good experiences with their contractors.
  • Have a look at your contractor's credentials if they are certified, bonded, and insured.
  • Interview your contractors and determine their reliability by how they answer your questions.
  • After establishing the rapport, you can ask about their former projects and request references.


You don't need many inquiries to get the best contractor. We offer the best services you can get for your family bathroom. Call Us Now.

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