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Concealed Plumbing

The plumbing system in your house is the determination of various significant undertakings to access daily household activities. Such activities include providing water for daily home chores and heating your home.

With so much pipework, it is usual to shield them up to retain the aesthetic value high. There is a need to get electrical conduits and water pipes concealed to enhance the aesthetics. The concealed pipes are laid by making grooves in the masonry in which the pipes are embedded.

PlumbGuardian provides reliable concealed plumbing designs across North East. Contact us, and we will arrange a plumber to meet your concealed piping needs.

Concealed Plumbing


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What You Need to Consider in Concealed Plumbing

Establishing a plumbing system in your house is a challenging and adventurous task. Alongside determining the types of plumbing pipes, you also need to come up with a significant decision whether to use concealed plumbing.

Although concealed plumbing is the way to go for some, we consider leaving some pipework exposed. Here are some reasons why pipework construction systems should be concealed:

Risk of Damage

Concealed piping inside the house walls provides safety against the risk of damage unless there is a drastic impact on the wall. If you leave your pipes exposed, they might easily collide with something hard to cause leakages.

Moreover, exposed pipes are usually vulnerable to vandalization by wear and tear and weather vagaries over time. Most of these pipes aren't fitted with protective layers against external forces.

Cleanliness Concerns

Concealed pipes inside the walls make them hard or impossible to access. It is an advantage as there are no raised concerns for cleanings, unlike when the pipes are exposed. You will have to wipe down the dust collecting on the pipes often.

Aesthetic Appeal

Copper pipes are primarily used for this because they fit the modern home furnishing requirements. If you expose your pipes, they might only be stylish if they are thin fixtures and few in numbers.

However, if you expose massive hanging pipes passing through the roof and sidewalls, that is more of a mess when someone looks at them, especially in your bathroom. For this reason, we prefer to conceal all the pipework systems.

What You Need to Consider in Concealed Plumbing


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How Can You Hide Your Shower Pipes?

How Can You Hide Your Shower Pipes?

When you need to conceal your bathroom plumbing system, it might seem challenging for you, but it is a straightforward task with our professional crew labour.

If you have already made up your mind, but are still a little bit uncertain of what to do with your plumbing fitting, then contact us. PlumbGuardian will cover up quality plumbing services for you.

Here are several ways that we can incorporate into your bathroom to help you hide your shower pipes:

Box in the Pipework

If you want to cover up your pipework, creating a box around the pipes is an easy means. You can use a range of materials that can easily match your stand out colour scheme.

Fitting the box can be done with less professional skills. Suppose the pipes are running on the floor; you can reorient the box into a shelf-like structure for your bathroom needs.

Fake Walls

It seems challenging to box in all the pipes showing up in your bathroom; however, we can create a fake wall if structural work is not the case. Constructing a plasterboard wall hiding the existing wall could be cost and labour effective.

We will build a waterproof bathroom wall for your best interest and make sure your basin fit in place.


After installing your basin and you don't want to purchase any more essentials for your bathroom, consider decorating your concealed piping. You can purchase decorative plastics that you can use for winding across the basin.

A Pedestal Basin

You can have your plumbing concealed by having your pedestal basin fixed. If you can also mount a wall basin, that will account for a good solution to hide your pipework.

Can You Bury Plastic Pipes on Walls?

Can You Bury Plastic Pipes on Walls?

Do you want to avoid accidents in your home or office caused by exposed pipework? If you want to hide your exposed pipes behind your walls and get rid of them from your aesthetic, then you have come to the right place.

Burying a pipe inside a wall can be challenging, but with PlumbGuardian, you don't have to worry anymore. Here are some of the techniques that can help you achieve this:

  • Building a fake wall
  • Using potted plants to conceal piping
  • Covering your piping with freestanding furniture
  • Use modular blocks
  • Stitching your sink skirt to hide the pipes under your sink
How Does Concealed Showers Work?

How Does Concealed Showers Work?

Most people desire a partly concealed shower that allows one to clean both the bathtub and children easily. Concealed showers work a low-pressure system that keeps plumbing costs down. You can easily fit them on exterior walls.

In addition, they have long threads to accommodate plasterboard and tiles, a high grade of brass to give a superior reflection. The cartridges can be removed, making parts easy to replace and with no visible washers, leaving you with a much cleaner shower.

We are a team of professional individuals who work to make sure our clients receive the best of our services. Contact Us Now.

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How does a concealed shower work?

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How can I hide my shower pipes?

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Are concealed showers a good idea?

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